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Project Jericho

A hybrid fiction/documentary produced in close collaboration with Mark Burman for BBC 3’s (relatively) adventurous Between the Ears program.

Mark gathered the interview material with a focus on the history of sound-based weapon systems, and I created the character of Colonel Walter Manley, founder of the Jericho Institute, a shadowy research center with a mission to weaponize the Voice of God (VOG).

Mark also recorded a perfect group clamor from the BBC chorus, as well as a number of shofar blasts, while I created several tonal beds, for texture and continuity. We then gradually composed the montage and mixage, bouncing tracks back and forth between our studios, on either side of the Atlantic, for a February 2006 broadcast.

project jericho 2

From Steven Goodman’s fantastic (in every sense)¬†history of sonic warfare:



Bread On the Waters


A hybrid documentary with fictive intervention, floating around in the slipstreams of bottle evangelism. Produced in close collaboration with Neil McCarthy, an incomparable gatherer of acoustic sea beans and interview flotsam.

Also featuring the great Jon Swan, as the voice of a local Berkshires bottle evangelist. We sent Mr. Swan his “bio” and then visited him for an interview. Such hybrid techniques were once featured on the adventurous Radio 3 program, Between the Ears.