Selected Works

As All the Heavens, with Aimée Anders as the Voice of the No Place, 2020.

What Murmurs, hybrid driftwork, 2019.

Nothing Like Us, documentary text-sound composition, Radiophrenia, 2017.

Radio Unbroken, with Helen Hahmann, Radio Revolten, 2016.

On the Shore Dimly Seen: One Day in the Life of Detainee 063, performance text, ABC, 2015, with Gelsey Bell and Anne Undeland, 2015

Like A Universe, text-sound, homage to Sun Ra during his centennial year, ABC, 2014

As We Know, text-sound based on a remark by Donald Rumsfeld, 2014

Crazy Horse One-Eight, Radioarts Dreamland, 2014.

India Alpha Mike, castaway cipher, 2013

Bravo Echo, cantata for boneyard choir, 2013

Desperado Philosophy, online writing research and reflection, 2012.

In the End, text-sound castaway for SilenceRadio, December 2012.

Leave It Or Double It, fungal radio for John Cage, Transmission Arts, September 2012.

Four Trees Down From Ponte Sisto, radio play based on the poems of Sharon Charde, BBC 4, 2012.

Potato God Scarecrow, a freely floating castaway message in a bottle, Radiophonic Creation Day, 2011. Released on cassette via Banned Productions.

Bring Me The Head Of Philip K. Dick, an anticipatory documentary, in collaboration with Mark Burman and Nick Zammuto, BBC Radio 3, 2009.

A Tale of Two Skulls, a docuperformative enquiry into all that remains, in collaboration with Jane Wildgoose and Neil McCarthy, BBC Radio 3, 2008.

A Gory Road to Glory, play, with music by Laura Wiens and Nick Zammuto, BBC Radio 4, 2007.

Bread On The Waters, radio doc in a bottle, in collaboration with Neil McCarthy, BBC 3, 2006.

The Club, play, with music by Richard Busch, BBC 3, 2006.

Project Jericho, documentary in collaboration with Mark Burman, BBC 3, 2005.

The Catastrophe Class, radiocast, Generator Sound Art CD, 2005.

No Background Music, in collaboration with playwright Normi Noel and featuring Sigourney Weaver, BBC 4, 2005.

Danse Macabre, marionette theater, in collaboration with Michel Nedjar, Allen S. Weiss and Mark Sussman, Halle St. Pierre, Paris, 2004.

Song For a Headless Apache, toy theater, inspired by Great Small Works, 2004.

On One Lost Hair, documentary, in collaboration with Neil McCarthy, Harry Willis Fleming and Jane Wildgoose, BBC 4, 2004.

Resurrection Ranch, anticipatory documentary, in collaboration with Virginia Crompton, BBC 4, 2003.

The Loneliest Road, play, with music by The Books, production assistance from Harry Willis Fleming, BBC 3, October 2003.

The Bone Trade, multimedia installation, Mass MOCA, 2003, in collaboration with John Dryden (director of the movie) and Harry Willis Fleming (graphic montage).

O Monstrous Voice Like Mine, ten minute play, 2002

Four Radio Cartoons, BBC Radio 3, The Verb, 2002

American Heavy, radio play, with music by Richard Busch, BBC 4,2001.

Delivery System No. 1, video installation, Location One Gallery, NYC, June, 2001.

The Marilyn Room, radio play, in association with Goldhawk Productions, BBC 4, 2000.

The Bone Trade, TV movie, directed by John Dryden, 2000.

Marination, Perspiration, Respiration three short features, 1999-2000, BBC 4.

Theatre of the Ears, in collaboration with Mark Sussman and Allen S. Weiss, with text by Valere Novarina, 1999, CalArts.

Big, Rich & Famous, play, 1999, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Talk to Sleep, quartet of plays, 1999, BBC 4, London: The Bone Trade; Hidden Language of Trees; Mind, Body & Soul; The Bottom of the Mind.

Strands, 1997, Aldwych installation/performance, Austrian Radio (ORF), in collaboration with Harry Willis Fleming and Michelle Griffiths, among others.

Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered, radio essay, 1997, ABC. With Chantal Thomas, Michelle Griffiths, Nat Philbrick and Leandro Katz.

Songs From the Boneyard, voiceworks, 1997, Villa Arson, Radio France.

Nothing But Fog, play, in collaboration with Richard Busch, 1996, Sound Culture, KPFA, San Francisco.

L’indomptable (The Unconquerable), radio essay in collaboration with Allen S. Weiss, Radio France,1996.

The Thing About Bugs, play/performance with Christof Migone, New American Radio, 1995.CD, Generator Sound Art.

Shake, Rattle and Roll, broadcast performance, New American Radio, 1993. V2 CD, Netherlands.

Dead Letters, radiophilosophical essay, CD, Staalplaat, 1995: a remaster of the original 1985 production.

The Pleasure of Ruins and other outcasts, voiceworks, CD, Staalplaat, 1993; a secondary release of voice works composed between 1983 and 1992.

Pressures of the Unspeakable, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in collaboration with John Jacobs and Roz Cheney, 1991. An abbreviated version was released on a Radius CD.

How to Pronounce “The New World Order”, TransVoices, American Center in Paris /Whitney Museum of American Art, 1991.

Lovely Ways To Burn, New American Radio, 1990. Minerva Editions cassette.

Reptiles and Wildfire, Miami New Music America Festival, 1989. Minerva Editions release.

The Respirator and other outcasts, short radiophonies, New American Radio, 1989, Minerva Editions release.

Writing on Air, various voicecasts and performances, 1988. Minerva Editions cassette.

Disorder Speech, razor castaways for radio, 1987. Minerva Editions cassette.

Display Wounds, ruminations of a vulnerologist, New American radio, 1986. Minerva Editions cassette.

Dead Letters, distributed as part of NPR’s satellite program development fund. Released on an Art Ear cassette, 1985.

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