An anticipatory documentary for BBC radio 3, produced in collaboration with the BBC’s Mark Burman. Based very loosely on the life and writings of Philip K. Dick, whose achievements as a writer and thinker are only now being given their due.

Our structural idea was simple: the weaponized android head of PKD has found its way into the general population; as it passes from hand to hand, the head leaves behind a series of rips and tears in the fabric of reality.

Performed by the talented members of my ensemble of actors here in the Berkshires, all of whom tolerate my directorial idiosyncrasies; and greatly aided by the ears and brain of Nick Zammuto, whose own work has been a major source of inspiration for me in recent years. Also featuring the exquisite voice of Laura Wiens, supported by Billy Sokol on lap steel.


And finally, one of my favorite quotes from PKD, regarding one of his central literary and philosophical themes, the “authentic human”:

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