Radio Play is No Place, GW & Jérôme Noetinger, in TDR 40, Fall 1996

Radio Silence, GW & Allen S. Weiss, Merge # 4, Spring 1999

Drone Tones and Other Radio Bodies, GW & G. Gangemi/J. Quarles, 2003

Out of the Wilderness, GW & Allie Alvarado, free 103.9, 2007

Let Us Lay on Splendid Nights, Transom open discussion, 2009

Another Way Forward, GW & Johnny Diamond aka Matt Orr, 2010

Anywhere Out of This World, GW & Manuel Cirauqui, 2011

Severe Harmony, GW & Karinne Keithley Syers, 2012

Woundscapes, GW and Morgan Bulkeley, 2012

Marfa Lights, GW and Charles Stankievech,2012

Here For The Night, GW and Anna Friz, 2013

Elements of Radio Art, GW and Jan Błaszczak, 2013

The Phantom Self, GW and Damona Wolff, 2014

Of Hums and Howls, GW and Christine Hume, 2014

Radio Yak, GW with Miyuki Jokiranta, 2014

Earworms + Radio Voices, GW with Joan Schumann, 2016

Let Us Face Thanatos, GW with Helen Hahmann, 2017

Anything But Pure, GW with Michal Mendyk and Wojtek Wralek, 2018