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Resurrection Ranch

An anticipatory documentary, produced in collaboration with distinguished broadcast journalist Virginia Crompton for the BBC in 2003.

In our view, the most useful documentary would be that which captures the reality before it happens; thus we constructed the Ranch inside a barn here in the Berkshires, briefed our actors on their identities and inclinations, and then set off on an unpredictable journey through the Double R, meticulously documenting the anticipated reality.

Resurrection Ranch: a luxury service business, where burned out corporate execs and political honchos check in to learn how to “get back into the saddle”. Using recycled merry-go-round horsies as safe and hygienic steeds, the Double R offers guests a sublime (yet safe) adventure into their own existential essences.

Cowboy hats off, in salute to Virginia, who took a good deal of BBC heat for our little adventure in anticipation. Without her courage and good humor, the Double R would surely never have floated through the airwaves.



Virginia Crompton as herself; Gregory Whitehead as Jerry Truesdale; Karen Lee as Kat Slade; Jon Swan, Dan Klein and Thom Whaley as RR guests.